Ham Radio Repeater Database

Welcome to The Ham Radio Repeater Database (hrrdb.com)

Key Difference

This repeater database has a key difference from other repeater directories; it is created and maintained by you, the repeater user. As a new-comer to Ham Radio, I was very frustrated with inaccuracy of existing repeater directories. That is why I created this site. I encourage all of you to create an account and enter information about all the repeaters you use.

Accurate Data

Even if all the repeaters you use are already in the database, you can improve the site by logging in and verifying the repeater information is correct. This is a key element to help separate accurate and inaccurate information.

User Rankings

User rankings are another way to ensure accuracy. Each user will be ranked based on the percent of entries they have added to the database that have been verified by at least three other users. With these two ranking systems it will be easy to look at an entry for a repeater and have a good idea if its information is correct.

Spread the News

As this is a user maintained database, and this site new, there are few entries in the database. Please be patient and be sure to tell all the Ham Radio operators you know to login and add repeaters to the database.


As an incentive to get more entries I will be having giveaways for the users that submit the highest number of verified entries. Details will be posted on this site at a later date.

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